Spicy Mushroom Gnocchi

Background Story 1

One of my family favorites has always been Gnocchi. There are many a story surrounding Gnocchi and the Tomassetti’s/Bella’s, but none so humorous as the when I was in High School, and Riff and I visited my Grandmother.

Riff and I were always taking road trips while in our junior and senior year in High School. One day we decided to visit my Grandparents Tomassetti in Ashford CT. This was one of our usual spur of the moment trips. No cell phones, no planning, No phone calls ahead. We just drove on! However, my grandparent were excite to see us when we arrived. My grandmother decided to make us Gnocchi with red sauce, (another story to be told at the end of the recipe! Read On!).

Riff was warned that Gnocchi is good, but eat it with slowly and not overeat as they are LEAD BULLETS! Well, he had never had them, and with real graded Parmesan Cheese, he could not stop himself. He had thirds! On the way back, they hit full force, and bam his gut was in pain! It was a long 1 hour ride back to Ivoryton and he passed out next to me on the way! He did not make that mistake again!

Ingredients (serves 2)

Cooking Instructions

  • Boil water in a stock pot for the Gnocchi, but wait till sauce is ready, they cook fast!
  • In a saute pan on a medium heat onions and mushrooms until brown in olive oil. I like them caramelized.
  • Saute the garlic for 30 seconds then immediately add the Red Sauce.
  • While the Sauce is warming put the Gnocchi in to cook. WATCH THEM CAREFULLY! stir gently and when one pops to the top, strain.
  • Place the gnocchi in a bowl and pour a bit of the sauce in and mix gently
  • Add a bit more sauce to the top, and garnish as you will. Some use vegan cheese, I use Jalapenos, crushed red and black pepper!

The Family Controversy!

Well, there has always been a family controversy over what is better, Olive Oil or Red Sauce. I make it both ways depending upon my mood. In this case I made this dish with with Beyond Sausage, so it called for Red. However, if I was going to make it a bit lighter I would go with Olive Oil.

Types of Gnocchi

There are several types of Gnocchi, but I use potato Gnocchi with no ricotta cheese. Although I have had ricotta gnocchi, and they taste amazing, they are not Vegan, so be fore warned. There are also sweat potato gnocchi, which I have not tried yet, but I have been told are delicious.

Make your own!

Found a recipe for potato gnocchi on finecooking.com . Looks like FUN! Robin says she will try it with me!


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