Beyond Meat Bolognese Sauce

Sometimes I crave meat! When that happens, I cheat or I make something like meat. Made this recipe recently while visiting my sister in Florida, as I was craving meat after a hard ride.

Beyond Meat Crumbles


pablano pepper

Cooking Instructions

GreenPan Saute Pan
GreenPan 5qt Saute Pan

In a saute pan, large (GreenPan 5 qt Ceramic Saute Pan) in olive oil saute the onions and pablano pepper to saute. Do not add the hot pepper until the end, 1 minute before the crushed tomatoes. Let the unions and pepper brown a bit before turning using a medium high heat, but be careful not to burn the olive oil usually less than a 7 on stove top. Add the Garlic 30 seconds before adding the Beyond Meat.

Add the Beyond Meat Crumbles here and let brown. Usually about 3-5 minutes on a medium heat. While browning add all the spices. Once browned then add the hot pepper 1-2 minutes before adding the Crushed Tomatoes.

Add the crushed tomatoes and let cook for 5 minutes on medium low heat or simmer. Then taste for flavor and add spices as you see fit (salt), I use none, but lots of garlic!

Luigi Pasta
Luigi Vitalli Whole Wheat Penne

While the sauce is simmering boil water for the pasta. I use Luigi Vitalli Whole Wheat Pasta as it is made with Durham Wheat as all good pasta should be – semolina. That is why it taste great, and no one will know it is whole wheat…Nice!

IMPORTANT – Only cook the pasta for 5 minutes to make it al dente’ , my father would say 2 minutes but then it is crunchy…:)

Bolognese on Penne
Taken from HERE

Serve with Vegan Parmesan or I use crushed red pepper flakes and black pepper.

Bon appetit!

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